Nina Harvey Art


My work explores the layering of textural qualities. From time enduring text, to time worn dwellings and structures etched into the landscape, to the play of light on the coats of ancient hounds, I capture and convey the beauty I see in that moment that holds my attention and curiosity.

I am intrigued by historic structures and dwellings that I encounter. In these old walls I sense a tangible journey between past and present, a feeling that there were lives lived in and around there, designing and molding their surroundings, leaving their imprint, beauty born of mankinds interaction with the environment and then time doing it’s work of fading, softening and transforming.

Unintentional changes have taken place along the journey, maybe parts now missing or covered up, transformation still in progress. I studied geology at school, even then I was intrigued by the concepts of layers and revelation, excavation and discovery.

The resulting subtle variations in color and irregular shapes inspire me and I recreate this. Close up detail can hold unexpected beauty. So I zoom in to appreciate one small piece of the faded, weathered, eroded structure, resulting in what looks like an abstract composition.

I paint in numerous thin layers of oil paint, to capture the appearance of a variety of textures in a two dimensional space.

Cliff Face I
(Bandelier National Monument, NM)